This page contains codes/softwares associated to the research done on Publications

ML-WWTP Toolbox

A toolbox for predict key variables in wastewater treatment plants using machine learning models

FD-WWTP Toolbox

A toolbox for fault detection in Wastewater Treatment Plants

iMU-ZOTS Toolbox

A toolbox for iteratively learning of a fuzzy system composed of addition of multiple univariate zero-order T-S fuzzy systems

GAM-ZOTS Toolbox

A toolbox for neo-fuzzy neuron systems identification learning based on backfitting algorithm

DySetpoint Toolbox

A toolbox for dynamically adjusting the controller setpoint using metaheuristic algorithms

uSelf-FLC Toolbox

A toolbox to self-evolve a direct fuzzy controller represented by univariate control rules

SEDFLC Toolbox

A toolbox to self-evolve an online fuzzy controller

Self-Tuning PID Controllers Toolbox

A toolbox to self-tuning PID controllers